Wellness Nutrition Lecture – Scope of Practice Celebration

After 57 years of an ancient and the most restrictive Scope of Practice in the nation,  it has finally been changed thanks to the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors.  Governor Corzine signed this into law just before leaving office.  The short of it is continuing education has been reinstituted, we will eventually have acupuncture in the office and most importantly we can offer nutrition and nutritional advice to our patients. We will primarily use Anabolic Laboratories for our nutritional products.  They have served the Chiropractic Profession for 85 years and is the only company with pharmaceutical  grade mandates.  The bottom line is that you can guarantee the supplements quality and quantity.  It is clearly a superior product.

As a rule we will concentrate on reducing the inflammatory process, supporting the Chiropractic Adjustment, and helping the body heal and maintain a high level of wellness. I also believe you as the patient will be very pleased at the pricing.  Below is a list of the products we will have by Monday, March 1st

  • Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Complex Iron Free (Compliment to a healthy diet)
  • Clinical Magnesium (Critical in nearly all reactions in the body – key for reducing inflammation)
  • Clinical Omega 3 (Brain and nervous system support – key for reducing inflammation – #1 supplement stated by Dr. Oz)
  • Vitamin D3/K2/Cinnamon Chewable (incredibly innovative – heart and immune health)
  • CoQ10 (heart health – regenerates all other antioxidants)
  • Pro Enz ( an anti-inflammatory product containing ginger, tumeric, boswellia, rosemary, and more!)
  • Complete Probiotic (digestive health to support immunity)

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours in Health Naturally,

Dr. Noah

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