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Office Updates – Upcoming Events

August 23, 2010

Wednesday September 15th – 7:00PM – The Office


Sunday October 3rd – 9:00 AM

The first Reconnect with Nature Wellness in the Woods Hike.  Here is the agenda; we will first go on a mild very beautiful hike in Stokes State Forest at Tillman’s Ravine, then we will go up the road a little bit and get some fresh pressed apple cider and donuts, then head up the road a little bit more to Westfall Winery for an Octoberfest celebration. Details to follow….

Saturday October 16th – 5:30PM

Last Dinner Talk of 2010. The line up for the last dinner talk of 2010 is as follows; Dr. Noah’s lecture on Your Personal Un-Medicine Cabinet, Monica Bondi a Pilates Instructor, and Harold Catlaw from New York Life on Personal Finances and protection.  Details to follow….

Upcoming Office Events!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 13, 2010

Wednesday August 18th 7:00PM – Wellness Nutrition Lecture – How to Reduce Inflammation – At the office!!

Come find out how to eliminate the underlying cause of most diseases – Cancer, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Arthritis, etc.

Sunday October 3rd 9:00am – Reconnect with Nature and experience Wellness in the Woods – Pyramid Mountain in Kinnelon, NJ.

Bring your friends and family and we will take a moderate hike up to Tripod Rock, eat alittle, chat about health alittle, and have a great time.  Afterwords anybody who wants I will bring you to Gooserock Farms to purchase some Raw Honey and hopefully meet one of the few master bee keepers in NJ.

Saturday October 16th 5:30 PM – My last Dinner Talk of 2010 – Come find out about Your own Personal Wellness Cabinet (The Un-Medicine Cabinet) and Come listen to special quests Monica Bondi a Pilates Instructor and Harold Catlaw a member of my financial team!

I almost forgot about the rockin food, drink , and fun.

Peace, Love, and Chiropractic

Dr. Noah