What does Cholesterol have to do with Chiropractic?

What does Cholesterol have to do with Chiropractic?

A government panel suggests screening kids in grade school as early as age 9 for high cholesterol. What angle should we take, hmmm!  Let’s look at high cholesterol itself.  High cholesterol is merely a symptom of an unhealthy circulatory system. If you eat processed foods, ingest an excess of trans fatty acids, a lack of omega 3 fatty acids, and do not exercise among other things it is likely over time that your cholesterol levels will raise into the supposed unhealthy range above 200! The excess cholesterol in your blood is the innate wisdom of your body trying to protect itself from the assault of your poor lifestyle choices. Cholesterol medications like Lipitor reduce your overall numbers but do not get to the real cause of the raised levels which is as mentioned above, poor lifestyle choices. So you reduce your overall cholesterol without changing your diet, exercising, or reducing your overall stress levels, a recipe for disaster!

Let’s compare this to a common Chiropractic case in any Chiropractor’s office.  A new patient comes into the office with awful migraine headaches.  She/he goes to the medical doctor and he gives this person a medication or two, maybe suggests a CT-Scan of the brain and sends this person on their way; once again treating the symptom of tremendous pain rather than getting to the cause of the headache.  The cause of the headache is likely a vertebral subluxation / misalignment in the cervical spine (neck) of this patient that is interfering with normal nerve flow causing the headache.  Remove the subluxation by a specific Chiropractic adjustment and teach the patient how not to recreate this situation and the headache is no longer a problem for this person. To summarize, both the pain of the headache and the raised cholesterol levels are both symptoms not the actual cause.  Remove the cause, poor lifestyle choices and vertebral subluxation, and eliminate the problem properly and correctly without having to introduce dangerous chemicals into the body of this patient.

What is the real underlying reason to screen grade school children?  I suspect it is to open up a whole new market for the drug companies and medical doctors to prescribe one of the biggest selling class of drugs of all time; statins!  Does anybody think for a second what this will do to our children! Cholesterol is a critical hormone that is needed by the body to create other hormones like testosterone. Not to mention we know that all statin drugs deplete the body of CoQ10 and critical nutrient for heart and muscle tissue as well as a potent antioxidant. The repercussions here are so vast I could write a novel.

Yes, I know a small percentage of people have hypercholesterolemia.  You might be able to persuade me to think this SMALL population should get tested.  This is the only people who may need to take a cholesterol lowering drug; all others can do this with proper lifestyle choices, including Chiropractic!

As an interesting side note there was just a case study in the Journal for Vertebral Subluxation Research, where a person’s cholesterol levels where reduced with specific Chiropractic care.  When a person’s nervous system is clear and tension is removed from the neuromuscular system of the human body all miracles are possible!

Getting back to the original question; what does Cholesterol have to Chiropractic? Other then the first two letters being the same it comes down to whether you choose to treat symptoms or to correct the cause of the problem.  It is my belief that correcting the cause is the only viable option when talking about the health of an individual! Removing the subluxation, the likely cause of the headache or low back pain is the same as reducing cholesterol through proper nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.  Chiropractors by nature are and always have been Doctors of Cause!

Your health is your most valuable asset! Treat it so! Have your spine checked and adjusted on a regular basis and adjust your lifestyle appropriately to create the best you possible.

Comments and questions are welcome! Dr. Noah

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  1. waukesha wi chiropractors Says:

    A chiropractor is trying to restore function and stability not only to your spine, but also to the central nervous system and surrounding organ systems. Chiropractic treatment is focused on trying to get your brain to communicate with every part of your body, to help you reach your maximum potential.

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