I Think My Eyesight is Improving!

Normally I go to the Eye Doctor about every two years because my eyesight has gotten slightly worse, I need a new prescription, and a new pair of glasses.  About a month ago I decided that I wasn’t going to go because I just simply didn’t feel I needed too and my glasses were holding up.  Over the last few weeks my eyes have been bothering me and it hit me like a truck; I think my eyesight has improved. So needless to say I am going to see Dr. Silverstein in December to confirm this innate feeling.

The question becomes what have I done differently over the last few years to see this possible improvement.  Only two things have changed; 1. a diet rich in superfoods in my morning shake and 2. coming to to end of a course of NAET with Dr. Laura Brayton to naturally help eliminate my seasonal allergies.  Let me elaborate of these two a little!

1. After reading David Wolfe’s book Superfoods early in 2011 I began to add these foods to my morning shakes.  Some of these foods include; raw cacao, hemp seeds, goji berries, aloe, maca, and chia seeds to name a few.  I’ve also taken a fair amount of astaxanthin which is a superstrong antioxidant a the new nutritional darling! I’ve also gotten a constant and consistent source of raw milk thanks to my friend Vito Forte the owner of the Cooper Mine Pub!

2. I have suffered from seasonal allergies for 20 years.  They have gotten better over the years with Chiropractic Care and specific nutrients specifically cultured foods! I wanted to eliminate them permanently so I decided to do a course of NAET with Dr. Brayton a Chiropractor in Hoboken and a very dear friend! I am nearly done with the course of care and my allergies are certainly better and maybe just maybe helped my eyesight as well!

So I am going to confirm this next month!  Stay tuned!

Any questions or comments please do!

Dr. Noah


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