Chiropractic a $2,750,000,000 Healthcare Savings! – Take this Obamacare

Chiropractic a $2,750,000,000 Healthcare Savings!

Thanks to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and a recent half page article in the Wall Street Journal this incredible Healthcare Savings has been brought to light!

Here is a summary:

Spinal Adjustments were proven to be just as effective as microdiskectomy (surgery) for patients experiencing sciatica secondary to lumbar disk herniation!

More than 200,000 microdiskectomies are performed annually in the US, at a direct cost of $5 billion, or $250,000 per procedure.  If cost is assumed at $100 per Chiropractic visit, there is a direct, total savings of $22,900 per adjustment patient. System wide, this could save $2.75 billion dollars annually.

To look more closely at these studies please visit:

These potential savings only touch the tip of what is possible with regular consistent specific Chiropractic Care!

I caution you to not only look at Chiropractic as a “treatment” for low back pain; this just happens to be an easy way to look at the enormous savings possible.

Chiropractic addresses what is right in you, the inborn innate intelligence that governs all aspects of you, including your HEALTH!

When the tension is removed from your Nervous System and Spinal Column by a specific Chiropractic Adjustment your brain communicates properly with all the cells in your body and proper function returns.  Proper function means different things for different people; no headaches, increased energy, better sleep, being able to lift your grandchild, increased athletic performance, etc….

Comments and Questions are welcome!

Dr. Noah

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