Chiropractic and Emotional Health


Chiropractors work with the nervous system. Therefore, the scope of Chiropractic goes far beyond just neck and back pain. Although many Chiropractors and those they serve tend to focus on disorders associated with the physical body, it is obvious that abnormal nervous system function may also affect emotional and psychological health.

As a matter of historical importance, several inpatient mental health facilities were established, where chiropractic adjustments were the dominant clinical service provided. Two of these were located in Davenport. In 1922, the Chiropractic Psychopathic Sanitarium was established. The facility was later known as Forest Park Sanitarium. North Dakota Judge A. W. Ponath noted that at the North Dakota state mental hospital, the “cure and discharge rate” ranged from 18-27%, compared to 65% at Forest Park. [1] 

The second facility, Clear View Sanitarium, was established in 1926. In 1951, Clear View was acquired by the Palmer School of Chiropractic. Dr. W. Heath Quigley, who directed the sanitarium, described the clinical protocol: “Each day, each patient was examined. If the clinician interpreted their diagnostic analysis to indicate nerve impingement, the patient was adjusted.” Quigley reported that the rooms were “sunny and bright,” and that meals included “large servings of fresh vegetables…from a garden.” Unfortunately, both institutions closed (Forest Park in 1959 and Clear View in 1961) in large measure because of third party pay issues. Insurance companies often refused to pay the costs of care.

The 1970s saw a renewed interest in chiropractic care and mental health issues. In 1973, Dr. Herman S. Schwartz, a chiropractor, published a book titled “Mental Health and Chiropractic: A Multidisciplinary Approach.” [2] In 1949, Dr. Schwartz had published a preliminary report of 350 patients afflicted with a “nervous or mental disorder” and reported that the majority of them showed improvement under Chiropractic care.

Interest in this field continues. Several authors have reviewed the role of chiropractic care in children with learning and behavioral impairments. [3] Blanks, Schuster and Dobson [4] published the results of a retrospective assessment of subluxation based chiropractic care on self related health, wellness and quality of life. After surveying 2,818 respondents in 156 chiropractic practices, a strong connection was found between persons receiving Chiropractic care and self reported improvement in health, wellness and quality of life.

Remember, everything we experience is processed through our nervous system. When our perception of the world is distorted by nerve interference, it compromises our ability and capacity to respond appropriately to stress. In addition to damaging our physical health, it could result in impaired psychological and emotional function as well. When this happens to a significant number of people in a society, a sick society results! The developer of chiropractic (Dr. B.J. Palmer) stated in his writings that by getting to the cause of the brain imbalance (the nerve interference) and adjusting the subluxation, it is possible to return that brain to its normal capacity and capability.”

A thank you must go out to Dr. Dan Yachter and Elevation Health for putting this information together.

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Material utilized from Dr. Chris Kent’s article on Mental Health and Chiropractic

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