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My updated resource page!

October 17, 2011


Dr. Noah’s Resource Page:

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Local – Natural – Wholefoods

Honey and Honey Products : Gooserock Farm in NJ

Superfoods: Navitas Naturals  and

Raw Cheeses: in NJ (primarily sheep cheese with some cow and goat)  (cows milk cheese)  (Bobolink Farms – cow’s milk cheese)

Grass Fed Meat: (US Wellness Meats)  You can also find grass fed meats at all three raw cheese farms listed above.

Raw Milk: (Klein Farm in Easton PA)  http://www.freedomhillfarm (Freedom Hill Farm in Orange County NY), Life Enhancing Acres  717-768-7613  (Leroy Miller – my favorite place of all in lancaster county PA)

Pastured Eggs: every place mentioned above


Websites & Books   #1 Natural Health Site in the Universe      for information on health and cultured foods

The Blue Zones – Lessons for Living Longer From The People Who’ve Lived The Longest , , take the Vitality Compass Test!   best  Chiropractic site  for Children ,   Association of  New Jersey Chiropractors,, Chiropractic Leadership Alliance – superfoods, David Wolfe, fantastic health products

Anabolic Labs nutritional products – Carried in the office –   – information on the dangers of fluoride

Information on Vaccines –

Information on Vitamin D

Wild Fermentation, Sandor Katz;  Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon;  The Five Tibetans, Christopher Kilham, any book from Dr. Russel Blaylock , Eat Fat Lose Fat, Sallon Fallon and Mary Enig ; Superfoods by David Wolfe

The Newest Blue Zone – The Greek Island of Ikaria

February 10, 2010

The Newest Blue Zone – The Greek Island of Ikaria

Many of you came to my last Dinner Talk where I talked about the first 4 designated Blue Zones; Loma Linda, Okinawa, Sardinia, and the Nicoya Region of Costa Rica.  Well Dan Buettner and his researchers have found another Blue Zone with some new additional insights into living a long healthy life.

The newest Blue Zone is Ikaria which is about 35 miles off the coast of Turkey.  More then  1/3 of the residents reach the age of 90, suffer 20% less cancer, half the rate of heart disease, and show no signs of dementia. Long living Ikarians fast religiously about 150 days a year, stay up late, and nap each day. They eat mostly leafy greens, potatoes, and beans. They have one distinct difference from other Zones in that they drink a tea multiple times a day from fresh picked herbs from their personal gardens.

All these herbs had one thing in common, they are natural diuretics – they make you pee! They help you flush out toxins and natural waste products from your body.  In addition and maybe more importantly diuretics lower blood pressure by working on the kidneys.  Some of the herbs are hard to find in the U.S.  The ones that you can find are dandelion, nettle, birch, wild mint, spleenwort, rosemary, and purple sage.  The last is green tea which is also high in catechins that can prevent cancer as a potent antioxidant. Just grab a handful and steep in near boiling water and drink up.

I am already planning to grow these in my garden this spring and summer.

Yours in a long and healthy life,