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We are taking the show on the road……. Paleo Presentation at Crossfit Bayonne / Testimonial!

October 8, 2013

What's Paleo All About?


October 17th – 8:00PM – Crossfit Bayonne – 432 Broadway Bayonne

Check out this new Paleo Testimonial I just got today

My name is *****, I’m 38 and I’m three months in to my paleo lifestyle. In a very short amount of time I have become very passionate about this program and have seen so many wonderful effects of the discipline.

My fiancé and I moved to ****, ** from *** in March of 2012. Over the course of our first year here, I trained for and ran 6 half marathons. I biked, hiked, and walked regularly. I also gained 15 pounds and can’t remember a time when I felt physically worse.  I was exhausted, lethargic, bloated, not sleeping well (the list goes on). Things just weren’t adding up. I tried everything I could think of, nothing worked. And maybe the worst part, for the 1st time in my life exercise was not enjoyable because I felt weighed down and largely unmotivated. I was pretty sure it was due to my diet (which I didn’t think was that bad).

Then came Paleo. In 3 months I’ve lost 15 pounds (10 in the first 30 days) without even trying. I’m sleeping thru the night for the first time in about 6 years, my workouts are amazing and efficient, my cravings for sweets (which were severe) are all but gone and I feel better than I can ever remember. My body is also more lean and fit. I had no idea how poorly I was eating and how much processed junk I was putting in my system. I was uneducated around what was actually good for me as I subscribed to the low fat/low cal way of eating and because of that, was pumping my body full of processed junk. It was a huge departure from what I was used to. But the fact is it worked. Perhaps the most amazing part of my experience is I’ve gone off the Lexapro I’ve been on for the past 2 years to treat anxiety. The benefits of this have not been just physical, as I find myself feeling more confident and clear headed. It’s a difficult thing to articulate but I feel in control and sure of what I’m doing. That has far exceeded my expectations around this program. Put simply, I feel good. Really good.

I would highly recommend reading as much as you can find on the subject. It’s satisfying and with the right material is actually fun. The recipes are endless and I learned a whole new way of cooking. One that is far easier than I’m use to. I look at food completely different and am eating far less and going much further on what I put into my system. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I’ll cheat but I do my best to stick with it most of the time because the results are impossible to dispute. So much so, that I don’t see myself going off this anytime soon. If ever.

One very important detail for me to note is none of this was possible without the guidance and support from Dr. Noah. He recommends an amazing variety of books and subject matter that made this easy and enjoyable. Big shout out to him. Anyone who is thinking about going Paleo, DO IT!! It’s one of best decisions I’ve made for my health. You will not be sorry!!

Paleo Pack – 30 Day Supplement Program

June 17, 2013

We all need nutritional support on some level.  Depending on your genetics, how well your digestive system works, and the quality of your food choices will determine what kinds of supplements are best for you.  It is our belief that if you are eating a Paleo Template Diet with appropriate sun exposure your need for these products should be minimal. Especially if you are consuming organ meats, bone broth, and a wide compliment of fresh vegetables.   However, there are a few supplements that we feel are necessary even in the best of diets and this is why we designed the Paleo Pack.

paleo pack

So you may be wondering what is in the Paleo Pack. Each packet includes 6 capsules and 2 softgels.  2 capsules (2,000 ius) of Vit. D3, 2 capsules (300 mg) of Magnesium bisglycinate chelate, 2 softgels (2,000 mg) of Marine Fish Oil Concentrate including 10 ius of Vit. E, and 2 capsules of a Probiotic Blend supplying 6 billion cfus of beneficial bacteria.

paleo pack 2

Why Vit. D3 – first and foremost many people are deficient – Vit. D3 has roles in calcium metabolism, bone health, and many other physiologic processes – Vit. D receptors are found in the colon, prostate, breast, ovary, and  many other tissues, it is anti-inflammatory, boosts immune function, and up regulates many many genes.

Why Magnesium Chelate – it is a cofactor in more than 300 enzymes, extremely important for cardiac function, energy metabolism, neurochemical transmission, and bone formation.  The chelate form is absorbed and utilized much easier than other forms such as carbonate or sulfate.  Other than cacao and a few other foods magnesium is difficult to get from food alone.

Why Marine Fish Oil – high potency DHA and EPA will  help your body reduce inflammation and to feed your brain and nervous system with the fats it needs to function at high levels.  Omega 3s support many physiological processes related to immune function, lipoprotein metabolism, brain function, and mood regulation. A small amount of natural Vit. E is added to  maintain freshness and retard lipid peroxidation.

Why Probioitics – 6 billion plus cfus of bifidobacter and lactobacillus to help reestablish your healthy balance beneficial bacteria, boost your immune system, and improve your gut health and digestion. Microencapsulation is used to help protect the microorganisms from destruction by stomach acid to ensure there viability and improve shelf life.



 The cost of the 30 Day Paleo Pack is $45.

SuperFoods 2.0 – This Wednesday 7:00PM – 734 Broadway Bayonne NJ 07002 – The night of the presentation all SuperFoods are 15% Off!

June 10, 2013
This Wednesday at the Office!  * Chia / Chocolate / Goji / Golden Berries / Hemp *Cultured Foods *Ancestral / Paleo Diet *So Much More

This Wednesday at the Office!
* Chia / Chocolate / Goji / Golden Berries / Hemp
*Cultured Foods
*Ancestral / Paleo Diet
*So Much More



This is our monthly sale! These cashews are the most delicious sweet nuts I have ever tasted!

This is our monthly sale! These cashews are the most delicious sweet nuts I have ever tasted!


Golden Berries (Incan Berries) Superfood of the Month – 15% Off – Check these recipes out……

April 1, 2013

Golden Berry Smoothie

An antioxidant and protein rich blend.


½ Cup Navitas Naturals Goldenberries
¼ Cup Navitas Naturals Cashew Whole Nuts
2 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Hemp Seeds
1 Cup Frozen Mango
¾ Cup Orange Juice
1 ½ Cup Filtered Water (more if needed)
2 Tbsp Lime Juice
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Cups Ice

1 Tbsp Raw Local Honey


Blend and Serve

Yield: 2 plus servings



Golden Berry Tea

This is a delicious flavorful low calorie drink.


2 oz. of Golden Berries
1 Large Lemon
1 Tbsp. Raw Local Honey

2 Sprigs of Fresh Rosemary

1 Gallon Filtered Water


Thinly slice the lemon and add all the ingredients in a large 1 gallon plus container. Put on your counter for 12 to 24 hours and then place in the fridge.

Enjoy with ice or mixed half and half with sparkling water.

When your drink all the water be sure to eat all the goldern berries they will remain sweet, soft, and extremely delicious.

You can subsititure Goji berries with Golden berries if you choose.

Will keep for several days refrigerated.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Pregnancy Risk from the Vitamin D Council

December 13, 2012

Vitamin D deficiency and pregnancy risks
December 13, 2012 — John Cannell, MD
Professors Carole Wagner and Bruce Hollis and ten of their colleagues at the Medical University of South Carolina recently conducted the largest randomized controlled trial to date using meaningful daily doses (2,000 vs. 4,000 IU) of vitamin D during pregnancy.

Wagner CL, McNeil R, Hamilton SA, Winkler J, Cook CR, Warner G, Bivens B, Davis DJ, Smith PG, Murphy M, Shary J, Hollis BW. A Randomized Trial of Vitamin D Supplementation in Two Community Health Center Networks in South Carolina. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2012 Nov 3.

The ethics committee would not let them use a control group of 400 IU/day, as the committee felt this would endanger the women and their newborns. Sadly, most women in this country only take the 400 IU/day in their prenatal vitamin.

The researchers randomized 256 pregnant women, 160 of whom completed the study. They were separated into two groups, 2,000 or 4,000 IU per day, beginning at 3-4 months of pregnancy. They followed the 160 women through delivery and found the following:

  1. At the beginning of the study, pregnant African American women had a level of 18.5 ng/ml, while Whites had notably higher mean values of 29.5 ng/ml.
  2. Neither group had any side effects; in fact the blood calcium levels of the 4,000 IU group actually went down.
  3. At delivery, the average cord blood vitamin D level was 22 ng/ml in the 2,000 IU/day group and 27 ng/ml in the 4,000 IU/day group, still slightly less than cord levels of hunter gatherers.
  4. Overall, only 37% of the 2,000 IU group and 46% of the 4,000 IU group achieved vitamin D levels of 40 ng/ml by the end of their pregnancies. Furthermore, 40 ng/ml was the threshold level at which conversion of 25(OH)D to activated vitamin D finally flattened out during pregnancy. In other words, the more 25(OH)D the pregnant woman had, the higher the activated vitamin D level, until a 25(OH)D level of 40 ng/ml was reached, and activated vitamin D stopped increasing any more at higher levels.
  5. The 4,000 IU group participants had 2.40 times higher odds of having an infant in the 50th percentile of birth weight, compared to the 2,000 IU group. That is, the 4,000 IU group was more likely to have normal weight babies.
  6. Lower pre‐delivery 25(OH)D was significantly predictive of preterm delivery (p=0.001)
  7. Lower pre‐delivery 25(OH)D was associated with more infection (p=0.026).
  8. Overall, complications of pregnancy were less with the 4,000 IU/day group than with the 2,000 IU/day group, though not statistically significant.

In my opinion, this is once again great research that shows that pregnant women should have levels over 40 ng/ml, and I think it’s preferable to target levels between 50-60 ng/ml.

This is why the Council recommends 6,000 IU/day, to ensure these kinds of levels. We also recommend checking 25(OH)D levels periodically throughout pregnancy to make sure your 25(OH)D levels remain in the natural range, about 50-60 ng/ml. Some women may need more than 6,000 IU/day.

Oct. 7th Wellness in the Woods Hike – Tillman’s Ravine

October 9, 2012

Hiking Group

Chicken Mushroom – Very Edible

Likely a Reishi Mushroom



Awesome Bent Tree

Craziness: 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18! Article from the Chiropractic Journal, Barbara Loe Fisher and the NVIC

July 6, 2012

Craziness: 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18

According to government recommendations, starting the day of their birth until they reach age 18, American children are supposed to have 69 doses of 16 different vaccines. If they don’t, they can be barred from school, thrown out of insurance plans, and even denied access to some government programs.

“That’s three times as many vaccines as children got 25 years ago,” said Barbara Loe Fisher, founder and head of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and co-author of “A Shot in the Dark,” in an interview with Timothy Feuling, publisher of The Chiropractic Journal. “It’s just craziness.”

For the last three decades, Fisher has been working to educate parents about the dangers of vaccines and to protect their rights to make their own decisions about their family’s health care.

She become a leader in the anti-vaccine movement when her son suffered a neurological

reaction to his fourth DPT shot at age two and a half that caused brain dysfunction, including multiple learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder. At the time, she was one of the few people taking a stand against forced vaccinations. Alternative health care professions like chiropractic hadn’t joined forces on the issue and the internet didn’t yet provide the ability to reach mass audiences.

Today, her allies have grown in number and electronic communication tools allow her to reach millions of people around the world. Yet, the problem remains the same and has become even more of a threat to health and freedom.

Late last year, the NVIC and other vaccine rights organizations were taken by surprise when the state of Washington quickly and quietly passed a bill requiring parents to obtain a “permission slip” from a medical doctor or nurse in order to qualify for a religious or personal belief exemption to vaccination. Already, there are unofficial reports that many MDs are refusing to sign the necessary forms and are even refusing to see patients who request an appointment for that reason.

A press release issued May 17 by the state’s Department of Health boasted: “Washington’s rate of exemption from vaccines required for school has dropped significantly in the first year since passage of a law that changed the parental opt-out process.”

The NVIC had more time to prepare when a similar law was introduced in Vermont. Fisher’s group mobilized and alerted supporters and activists around the state, who inundated legislators with protests and packed the house hearing room. By the time the bill came up for a vote, it had been amended to preserve the philosophical exemption provision. In aBurlington Free Press article, Tom McLeod, a key member of the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice, was quoted as saying, “The most dangerous place in the woods is between a mother bear and her cubs.”

Having helped win that victory, the NVIC moved on to California, where legislation (AB 2109) was introduced that, as in Washington, would force parents to go to a medical provider to get a personal belief exemption. “We’re not talking only about philosophical beliefs, but religious ones as well,” Fisher explained. “This bill would give medical doctors the right to make judgments about religious beliefs.”

Fisher and the NVIC have been playing a major role in the campaign to defeat AB2109 and the response from the public has been heartening. “At the hearings, parents with babies in their arms with children in tow have showed up and testified in opposition to the bill. I was blown away by the number of Californians who traveled to Sacramento to stand up and publicly testify against this bill.”

She gave special praise to chiropractors who have been in the forefront of the battle. “I met many doctors I’ve known since 1993, when I began talking with chiropractors about these issues,” she said. “They added so much energy and commitment.”

The pro-vaccine side was ready for her. She noted that “Medical doctors and medical students were bussed in, programmed to say the same thing: ‘We strongly support this bill and we will happily sign the form.’ I didn’t believe it and neither did any of the parents.”

On May 10, the bill passed the House and is (as of press time) awaiting action in the Senate. “This is a real battle in California,” Fisher stressed. “I would urge anyone who wants to protect the personal belief exemption, to sign up at the NVIC advocacy portal ( a free online communication network that allows people to get up-to-date, real time information about vaccine activity in their state.”

Despite the praise heaped on Fisher and the NIVC, she says the real power belongs to the health consumers and voters.

“Showing people what to do is one thing, but at the end of the day it’s the individual who has to take action,” she admitted. “Legislators will listen to organizations but they pay more attention to the constituents who re-elect them. Empowerment is at the local level, the individual level. When I saw all those parents and supporters in the hearing room, I realized that our message had been received and people had the courage to publicly testify. That’s huge. That’s what it’s going to take to roll back this encroachment on our personal liberties. This wealthy, pharma-led lobby is very powerful politically. They’ve inserted themselves into the system and that’s what we have to do.”

For more information on NVIC, and to support their efforts, visit

Recap. of Cultured Foods Class

June 18, 2012

Getting back in touch with real natural foods along with Chiropractic Care is the 2 most important steps  towards  health, wellness, and longevity.  Interestingly enough the two are intimately connected.  The intersection between these two key factors of health are a healthy gut and digestive system contributing to a healthy brain.  Cultured and fermented foods are a sure fire way to increase the health of your digestive system, in turn increasing the health of your brain. Cultured and fermented foods has been a hobby of mine for nearly 10 years and on Saturday June 16th I taught my first class on this subject.  Here are some pictures from the event.  Saturday November 17th  I will be teaching the second part of this class………

Supplies – Samples-Water Kefir

Setting the scene – lecture before hand!

Chopping beets to make Beet Kvass.

Apple Cider Vingegar – Organic Milk- Water Kefir – Kombucha – Beer

Making Healthy Soda from Water Kefir and organic apple juice.

Pouring a sample of over flowing bubbling Pear Water Kefir Soda!

Making healthy cultured ketchup.

Capping the finished Cultured Ketchup in mason jars.

If there are any comments or questions please respond I am interested in them greatly!

I had a blast – Dr. N

12 Myths The Are Destroying Your Health – What Are They? What You Can Do About It!

April 20, 2012

The Super Foods Empowerment Series Returns!

March 2, 2012

Wednesday March 7th – The Family Chiropractic Center of Bayonne

734 Broadway Bayonne –  7:00PM to 8:30PM – 201-437-0033

Are you interesting in dramatically increasing your health and vibrancy?

Come and find out about these super foods – goji, cacao, hemp, maca, chia, aloe, chlorella, and many more!

Is raw dairy safe and how can they improve your health?

Why are cultured foods such as kombucha, kefir, and kvass so beneficial to your health and immunity?

Are you interested in the Paleo/Primal way of eating?

How does this all perfectly fit into the CHIROPRACTIC LIFESTYLE.

Samples and taste tests to delight your taste buds and to show you how great good health tastes!

Bring your friends! RSVP by responding to this blog, at 201-437-0033, or at

Looking forward to an awesome event!  Dr. Noah De Koyer