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Dr. Noah – Bringing his son, nephew, and DAD fossil hunting in New Jersey to Big Brook

September 4, 2011

Cretaceous (about 65 million years ago) marine fossils can be found in Big Brook. Numerous types of sharks teeth, mollusks, and belemnites (ancient squid like creatures), among other fossilized critters of the past can be found here! All you need is a small spade (6 inches or less) and some sort of strainer and you can go to town.

The great thing about Big Brook is my father took me when I was a young boy and now I take my son.  My last trip 9-4-2011 was with my son Hayden, my nephew Owen, and my dad Rich!

Directions: Garden State Parkway to Exit 109

Go through toll booth and make a right onto Rt. 520 West

Take this 7 – 8 Miles through Holmdel

Just past the 8 mile marker and up a slight hill make a left onto Boundary Road

Go about a mile or so then make a left onto Crine Road

Half a mile or so make a left onto Hillsdale Road – go just past JG Winery

Park to your right just over the bridge and walk down to the river!

This  Mornings Findings – Belemnites, Shark Teeth, a few mollusks, and a few other unidentified marine objects!